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About Us

We have alliances with 38 mobile networks across the world, and through the strength of our global relationships, we provide our clients & partners with the most innovative and competitive wireless solutions at wholesale rates that enables them to stay connected whenever and wherever they travel. We have an extensive list of local country specific SIM cards that offer free incoming and outgoing calls at wholesale rates for our customers traveling around the world.

We offer specifically designed solution for corporate and leisure travelers. We are world's local mobile connection!

Our Mission

To provide simple, cost effective and dependable service to our customers.

Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

Our Association

Why use

  • Low rates

    No Hidden costs. Save up to 85% on international roaming.

  • Free Incoming Calls

    Get unlimited FREE incoming calls in most counties.

  • No Contracts

    Simply return the SIM cards upon the expiration of the service length to our fulfillment centre in USA.

  • Post Paid Services

    Do not have to worry about adding minutes to the SIM cards; you will be billed only for your usage on monthly basis.

  • Testing The Phone

    You can test the SIM card for most of the countries in USA before leaving for your trip.

  • Customer Service

    Dedicated Support