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Below are solutions to the most common questions and problems organized by category, if your problem is not listed below please contact us. We offer Dedicated Support at:

General Information | Billing Related Information | Shipping Related Information | Dialing & Viocemail Instruction | Roaming Related Information | SIM Card return related information | Follow me service | International SIM Card Related Information

General Information

1. What is RebelFone?

RebelFone Inc is a telecom company specializing in providing temporary local wireless solution to international travelers to cut down on international roaming fees from your domestic wireless carriers. It was incepted with the vision of bringing a revolution in the telephony Services business. We have alliances with 20 mobile networks across the world, and through the strength of our global relationships, we provide our clients & partners with the most innovative and competitive wireless solutions at wholesale rates that enables them to stay connected whenever and wherever they travel.

1.1 What telephony services we provide??

We provide simple, cost effective and dependable service to our customers. Travelers can buy a local SIM Card or a European SIM to avoid the hassle of carrying multiple SIM cards when traveling to multiple countries in Europe. Euro SIM card allows you to roam seamlessly from country to country with one phone number while still enjoying excellent rates. You will require own un-locked phone(s) in order to use our SIM card(s)..

1.2 Who uses RebelFone?

RebelFone services are used by many families, businesses, individuals, groups, schools, colleges and many more who travel abroad.

1.3 What are the advantages to RebelFone services?

RebelFone has alliances with more than 20 mobile network operators world-wide, through the strength of our global relationships we offer most cost effective local Country specific telephony solutions. Our solutions offer an excellent alternative to expensive international roaming charges from your domestic wireless carriers.

1.4 How does our service work, how do I get started and can I rent a phone to use abroad?

We are offering SIM-only service currently, where you bring your own phone, snap in a card, and go. Order your Rebelfone SIM online or by contacting our customer care line at: 1800 375 7163, once your order is processed we will send you the SIM card(s). Plans come as either talk and text only, or talk, text and data. Turn the phone on when you arrive in the destination country and you have service! Easy as and cheap. Each are available in different lengths ranging up to 30 days.

1.5 What type of SIM Card do I need for my mobile?

When you buy a Rebelfone SIM card online, you will see options to choose from, i.e. Micro, Nano or regular size ( mini SIM card). While ordering by calling our customer care service, you can let the customer care operator know the type of SIM you need or the phone model you will be using abroad so to get the appropriate size SIM card to fit your phone.

1.6 What are the call rates?

Since our service is post-paid, you are billed for you usage as per the call rates at the end of every month. Call rates are the anytime minute rates that vary from country to country, please check the exact rates by selecting the Country you are traveling too in the drop down above.

1.7 How can Rebelfone provide such cheap calling rates?

Rebelfone has direct alliances with more than 20 mobile networks worldwide, through the strength of our global relationships we provide our clients and partners with best rates available that we have negotiated with different networks keeping in mind the needs of an international traveler.

1.8 What are Buddy Calls?

Buddy Calls are discounted calls to another mobile phone from Rebelfone within the same country that one may frequently call. It may also be referred to calls within your group. The call cost per minute is lowered when you call a Buddy, please check the rate plan if buddy calls are offered in the country you are traveling to.

1.9 Do I need to sign a contract?

With Rebelfone service there are no contracts & no minimum commitment required. You may cancel your service at any time by sending the SIM card/Phone back to us.

1.10 What if my SIM card doesn't work?

It is extremely rare for a SIM card not to work. We personally test all of our SIM cards prior to sending them out to ensure quality service and no defects. You can double-check this after you receive a SIM card for your overseas trip. While you can't use the foreign SIM card here in the U.S. but if your phone powers on (after you have charged it), it should work fine. Less than 1 in 10,000 SIM cards are defective. If you encounter problems while on the road, you will first want to determine if the problem is a network problem or if it is hardware-related. If you can use someone else's GSM phone and reproduce the problem, then you should contact customer service for the local carrier to see if there is a problem with the network. Please contact Rebelfone by phone at 1-800-375-7163 or email us at Our office hours are daily from 8 AM to 5 PM EST, we will be glad to return the call or email within 48 hrs to save you money while troubleshooting your issue.

1.11 When will I get my international phone number?

We will be sending you your phone number along with the tracking details of the shipment nearer to your departure date.

1.12 Will my cell phone work on a cruise ship?

While on a cruise, your cell phone is likely to work while in port. Your cell phone will not work while at sea unless the cruise ship has installed the technology to support a local cellular network. Check with your cruise line to learn if they have cellular service while at sea and what roaming rates may apply.

1.13 How do I change my address, email or credit card details?

You can contact us via email at for any changes to your account.

1.14 Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may cancel your order within 5 days of placing the order and provided the order has not been shipped already. In case the order has been shipped, the shipping charges would not be refunded. Additionally, in case of cancellations of equipment / hardware orders, re-stocking fees of $ 15 would be charged.

1.15 How can I add additional sim cards/phones?

You can add it during the order process. If your order has been completed already and you received the order summary you will have to place another order for the package. That you are interested about.


2. How do I contact the Sales Department?

You can contact the Rebelfone sales department at 12 Main St ste 1, Essex, CT - 06426 USA

2.1 How do I contact the Billing Department?

You can e-mail the Rebelfone billing department at or call us toll free at 1-800-375-7163.

2.2 When will I be billed?

Itemized invoices are generated and sent to your email accounts once the chargeable call records have been sent by our International Carrier (Mobile Network Operator) partner and all charges are immediately posted to your pre-authorized credit card. All charges and calls made during the previous month will appear on this invoice, please note billing cycle will vary from Country to Country.

Because our cell phones are contract free, you don't pay anything when you aren't using the cell phone. And because our SIM cards are post-paid, when you do make cell phone calls, you'll be billed only for your actual usage.

2.3 When is my credit card charged?

When you place your order on-line your credit card will immediately be charged for the SIM card, delivery and any additional SIM card you have purchased. After that you will be invoiced within 30 days after your first usage, at this time we will also bill your credit card and email you the usage for the period by cell number.

Shipping Related Information

3. How is my SIM ?

Your order will be shipped via FedEx or UPS to business or residence. We currently don’t offer International shipping. Once your order is shipped we will email you the tracking number and a link to the website to track your shipment.

3.1 Is Saturday delivery available?

Saturday delivery is not available at this time, orders placed on Friday for next day delivery will be shipped on Friday if placed before 3.00 pm or on following working day.

3.2 What time will my shipment be delivered?

We ship all orders received by 3:00 pm EST the same day, at this time we provide Saturday but not on Sunday delivery service. Please see the delivery time below:

  • Overnight Delivery : 1 working day
  • Second Day : 2 working days
  • Ground Service : 3-4 working days
  • International Service : 4-5 working days.

Dialing & Viocemail Instruction

4 How do I make a call?

Making an International Call: When making an international call you must dial the international Direct Dialling (IDD) prefix first, followed by the country code, area code and the phone number. To dial the IDD on a cell phone you need to dial the + sign.

  • Example: To call back to North America, dial: +1 followed by the area Code and phone number
  • Example: Calling 408 333 4444 a number in United States, dial + 1 408 333 4444
  • Making Local Calls:
  • When making a local call (a call within the country you are visiting) dial 0, followed by the area code and the phone number. Example: Calling 44 (0) 208 222 6666 a local number in the UK, dial 0 208 222 6666

4.1 How do my contacts dial my cell phone number?

How others can call you on our Rebelfone service: People calling you from an international location must dial the required international access code, the country code, and your cellular number. In this case, the 0 is not required.

  • Persons calling locally must omit the country code and include the bracketed '0'.
  • Example: If you are in France and your number is 33 (0) 6628 555 66 callers dial:
  • From North America 011 33 6628 555 66
  • From Europe 00 33 6628 555 66
  • From within France 0 6628 555 66

4.2 Where can I find international country codes?

Use the tool below to find the number you must use to dial an international call.

4.3 How do I set up voice mail?

Voice mail is already activated on most of the SIMs/Phones. If it´s not the case this can be done by dialling a code on the cell phone, please refer to the quick reference guide sent to you. If it still does not work contact us at: indicating issue and we will help you to set it up.

Roaming Related Information

5 What is roaming?

Using your cellular phone outside of your carrier’s limited service area or home calling area is known as roaming. It is a service made available by RebelFone by which you, as a subscriber, can use your cell phone even when you are in the coverage area of another service provider or another country.

RebelFone does not recommend using our local SIM cards or phone for any particular country outside of the home calling area. The rates we mention are only valid when traveling in the host country. When you leave the host country you are charged roaming rates. Roaming is very expensive and can be as high as $3 - $5 per minute.

5.1 How can I avoid roaming?

You can simply avoid the unnecessary roaming charges

  1. By not using our local SIM Cards or phones outside the home calling area
  2. All of the SIM Cards & Phones that are shipped out of our facility are tested beforehand, however if you wish to test the service before you depart for your trip please ensure you do not make or receive calls. You can make a quick outbound or inbound call and disconnect before it is answered
  3. By not setting up the voice mail while you are still in US. While in roaming, you can be charged for calls diverted to your voice mail also, even if you don’t answer.

SIM Card return related information

6 How do I return my SIM card(s) once I am done, where should I return the SIM card(s)?

The main advantage of Rebelfone SIM card is that services will be deactivated on the indicated return dated and you don’t have to return the SIM card. When your plan ends, the SIM will be deactivated and the number will be recycled. Should you want to continue to use the services, you will be required to pay a service extension fee and contact Rebelfone to have services extended for further use abroad.

Each account has a specific service start date and end date. Service is good for 30 days. Your service expiry date is the selected return date on your account. Service extension is available. Customer will get 10 grace days after the indicated return date on their respective account(s) to have service period extended. Customer will receive email notification on the first working grace day stating that they have 10 more days to extend the services. Customer will receive another 'service extension' email 3 days prior to the courtesy grace period end date. If customer chooses to extend service period, please contact our customer care number: 1800 375 1763 or email us at . The assigned phone number will be considered actively registered during the courtesy grace days. A service extension must be requested a minimum of 3-4 grace days provided, or 15 days before the indicated return date at the earliest. Your account will be immediately deactivated on the last day of the 10 grace days without further notification.

Extension fee:

The following fees apply associated to service extension for the requested duration:

1) 30 days' extension: $10

2) 90 days' extension: $25

3) 180 days' extension: $50

4) 365 days' extension: $75

Follow me service

7 What is Follow Me service?

With RebelFone's Follow Me service you can use your own US mobile number and avoid expensive roaming charges on all calls. You will be assigned a US virtual number, which people in the US can call to reach you abroad without having to place an international call or you may simply forward your existing mobile/landline number to this US virtual number before you depart and all calls will be forwarded to your number abroad.

7.1 Why should I take Follow Me service?

You should take our follow me service if you like to retain your US mobile, home or office number abroad. Or, if you do not want your contacts in North America to incur long distance charge while reaching you abroad.

7.2 How much will I be charged to use follow me service?

You can select RebelFone Follow Me service at the time of your purchase at just $2 a month. You will be charged $0.49 per minute for receiving any calls using this service. If someone calls you directly on your local foreign RebelFone phone number you do not pay anything for the incoming call as long as you are in your home service country, however the person dialling you from US will incur long distance charge. We don't recommend to give the US Virtual Number to all your friends in the US since you will be paying for the incoming calls.

We don't recommend to give the US Virtual Number to all your friends in the US since you will be paying for the incoming calls.

7.3 Can I choose the area code of my US virtual number?

Unfortunately we don´t have all area codes available. We provided you a US Virtual Number with a different area code, which is the closest one to your original choice. Please remember that if you do not wish to use the Follow Me service simply do not give the number out to anybody. Your friends and family can always call you directly on your local foreign RebelFone phone number for which they will pay for an international call. If you do not wish to use your Follow Me Service, simply do not give anyone the number or forward your calls. There is no daily fee to have one.

7.4 I have multiple SIM cards, how does Follow Me Service work?

If you have purchased multiple SIM Cards through us you will get a different US virtual number for each SIM Card. You can then forward your US number to your US virtual number accordingly, in order have your US number forwarded to the US virtual number, please contact your service provider.

7.5 Can I receive texts using my Follow Me Service?

Follow Me Service can´t be used for placing calls or sending / receiving texts, it’s a service forwarded to your number abroad only for receiving calls.

7.6 How does billing work for Follow Me Service?

We will provide you an itemized call data record of all the calls you have received using Follow Me service.

International SIM Card Related Information

8 Which Sim Card should I buy?

RebelFone offers two types of SIM card packages: country-specific and multi country travel.

If you are traveling to a single Country you should buy a local SIM card for that Country, which enables you to take advantage of the local rates, low international rates and FREE incoming calls in most countries, within the home service area.

If you are visiting more than one country within Europe you should get a Europe SIM Card, which enables you to take advantage of fixed & low call rates in most of the European countries.

8.1 Using RebelFone SIM Card in my existing cell phone, how does that work?

Our SIM Cards will work with any Tri-band or Quad-band GSM cell phone, please ensure that your cell phone meets the following criteria:

GSM Tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900) or Quad-band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900)

Has an international power adapter

If you have a cell phone with above mentioned specification, you can buy our SIM cards and use it in your own Cell Phone.

8.2 What is the service length?

All RebelFone SIM Cards come active for 30 days service length by default, after which, an extension is required to continue service. You can easily purchase an extension at these low rates: For 30 days by paying additional $10 For 90 days by paying additional $25 For 180 days by paying additional $50 For 365 days by paying additional $75.

8.3 How can I extend my service length at a later stage?

You can purchase service extensions at the time of your order, or add an extension later by emailing us at: Please ensure you send the extension request at least 48 hours before your service length is scheduled to expire.

8.4 Do I have to return my SIM card?

No, when you buy any SIM card from RebelFone you select the service length. Once the service length of your SIM expires you are required to contact Rebelfone to have the services extended of your SIM before it expires if you decide to keep it with you for the remainder of your stay abroad. The main advantage of Rebelfone SIM card is that services will be deactivated on the indicated return dated and you don’t have to return the SIM card. When your plan ends, the SIM will be deactivated and the number will be recycled.

8.5 What is a credit card Authorization?

An authorization is different from a deposit because the funds are not actually taken from the account. Your bank will place a hold of funds against your credit card's available account balance. Once the authorization is released, the funds are then available to be used. Authorizations are automatically released when your credit card is charged after invoicing.

8.6 How do I report a lost or stolen SIM?

If your SIM card is lost or stolen you must contact Rebelfone immediately, customers are responsible for all calls on the phone until the service is suspended. Contact Rebelfone immediately at 1-800-375-7163 or by email A $25 lost fee will be applied should you wish to receive a replacement SIM card. Also, you will be charged associated shipping cost for new replacement SIM card shipping.

8.7. What is a SIM card?

The SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card also known as a "smart chip" is basically the "brain" of the phone, providing cellular service as well as many other functions including call log, voice mail and SMS. SIM cards are the size of a credit card but they have a pop-out chip about the size of a postage stamp which fits into all modern GSM phones.

8.8 How do I install a Sim card?

SIM cards typically are credit-card sized cards with a smaller SIM chip almost completely floating within the card and attached on one edge of the chip by some perforated plastic. The chip is approximately the size of a standard postage stamp folded in half, it is usually located underneath the battery inside the phone. Just take the battery out and install the SIM in back of phone look at the shape and slide it in with the gold connectors facing down.

8.9 The SIM Cards come with a 30 day service length, standard. When does the service start?

The service starts from the date of your departure. If you need to extend the service length, you may choose to do that before your service expires by sending us an email with your extension period at


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