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Getting started

When you're ready to take step one, here's how it's done:

  1. Select your destination

    We provide coverage in more than 160 countries, choose a local SIM card for the country you are traveling to. If you are traveling to multiple countries, select our World or Europe SIM Card.

  2. Add a device, its optional

    If you don't already have an un-locked internationally compatible handset, you can simply rent one from us at just $2 a day or buy your own internationally compatible handset if you are a frequent traveler.

  3. Order online or call us

    Complete your order online or call our toll free: 1800-375-7163 for assistance. The whole process only takes about two minutes. You'll need to have credit card handy. Purchasing products online from is safe and secure.

  4. Wait for the delivery

    You can wait for your SIM card or device to arrive in the mail which is typically delivered 2 days prior to your departure, choice of delivery options includes next day, second day or ground service.

  5. Be a Rebel

    Once you receive your SIM card or device, it’s pre-activated and ready to use. Go on your trip and enjoy your travels without the fear of expensive roaming bills. Once you return from your trip simply send the SIM card & rented device back to us and we will send you your usage details with an economical invoice.

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