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South Africa SIM Card $14.99

South Africa SIM Card

Call Rates UPTO 40% Less Than Our Nearest Competitor!

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Plan Description

Plan Cost
SIM Cost
Receiving Calls
Incoming Calls
Receiving Text Message
Making Calls
Rebelfone to Rebelfone
Local Off Network
Calls to USA & Canada
National SMS
International SMS
Free Data Usage
After FREE usage GPRS per MB
Plan Validity
Pay as you go
Cell C
Unlimited FREE
Unlimited FREE
Unlimited FREE
50 MB
Pay as you go
USD 29
Cell C
Unlimited FREE
Unlimited FREE
Unlimited FREE
FREE 50 mins
FREE 50 mins
15 Days
USD 49
Cell C
Unlimited FREE
Unlimited FREE
Unlimited FREE
FREE 100 mins
FREE 100 mins
15 Days
USD 99
Cell C
Unlimited FREE
Unlimited FREE
Unlimited FREE
FREE 200 Mins
30 Days
* After FREE mins local calls @ $0.20 & Calls to USA/Canada @ $0.23 and SMS @ $0.23

Product Features

  • Local post-paid South African SIM card on the CELL C Network
  • Unlimited FREE incoming calls & text
  • Lowest rates for national calls and calls to the USA
  • No contracts, simply return the SIM after your trip
  • Extend the service length before it expires
  • Available with optional unlocked international handset
  • Delivery in advance of your trip, phone number available instantly
  • South Africa SIM compatible with any unlocked GSM cell phone
  • Option to rent a South Africa cell phone
  • Voicemail
  • Dedicated Support
  • Welcome kit with dialing voicemail instructions
  • Simple accurate billing, billed to your credit card

See what you save with RebelFone

RebelFone's Service Major Carriers Local Prepaid
Incoming Calls $0.00min $2.49min $0.00min
National Calls $0.38min $2.49min $0.45min
Calls to USA $0.73min $2.49min $1.45min

* Rates compare RebelFone airtime rates to all 4 major US carriers on international roaming local pre-paid carrier

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Common Questions

Q. What IS South Africa Sim card?

Ans: SIM card is a small chip that fits into unlocked GSM phones giving you a number and service for the country it belongs too. SIM stands for “Subscriber Identity Module” which basically means that all of the services from the provider are imbedded directly on the card. As long as your phone is unlocked and has the 900/1800 GSM bands (ask your current provider), you can use aa South Africa SIM card with your phone.

Q. Why Buy South Africa Sim cards?

Ans: There are several reasons why you would want to purchase a South Africa SIM card but the main reasons is that it is the most reliable and least expensive way to stay in touch while traveling to South Africa

Q. Can I buy Just a Sim card?

Ans: Your current phone may be compatible for use in South Africa. The basic requirements are that your phone is unlocked and has the 900 and 1800 GSM frequencies, many of the newer phones in today’s markets; particularly the more expensive phones are tri or quad band phones which will work in South Africa.

Even if your phone is GSM and has the 900/1800 networks, it will need to be unlocked in order to be able to accept a different SIM card. If you bought your phone from a major US or Canadian provider, most likely it has been blocked by your carrier. The good news is that they will provide you with the unlock code in order to use other SIMs with your phone. Therefore, please ascertain if your phone has the 900/1800 GSM bands and, if it is locked, ask your provider for the unlock code. If your phone isn’t compatible with overseas networks, you may consider either buying or renting a cell phone at just $0.49 rental a day. We have both options available!.

Q. Are There Any Hidden Charges?

Ans: There are no hidden charges with the RebelFone. The only costs associated are the purchase price, your delivery option and then the calls you make when traveling. There are no extra monthly, yearly or minimum usage charges.

Q. How Am I Billed For My Calls?

Ans: Since our service is post-paid, you are billed for you usage as per the call rates at the end of every month. Call rates are the anytime minute rates that vary from country to country, please check the exact rates by selecting the Country you are traveling too.

Q. What Are the Shipping Charges?

Ans: Standard FedEx Shipping is $15.00 Second Day FedEx Shipping is $25.00 Priority Overnight FedEx Shipping is $45.00

Q. Can I keep my US phone number?

Ans: You can retain your current US phone number. Your South Africa SIM card will come with an South Africa cell phone number. However with RebelFone follow me service we will give you a USA phone number that is mapped to your South Africa cell phone number we assign. This USA number will accept calls from anywhere in North America. You can simply forward your existing mobile or landline number to RebelFone follow me number before you depart and all calls will be forwarded to your South Africa sim. This way your contacts in USA will not incur international long distance charges to reach you. You can also choose to have people call your RebelFone USA number directly, instead of the overseas cell phone number, if you prefer.

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