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What exactly do you get when you rent from RebelFone?

The beauty of using our service is that it gives you peace of mind of staying connected with your friends & family without worrying of a high phone bill when you return. You don’t need to worry about adding credit to your phone as our service is post-paid. You rent only for the duration of your stay and there are no hidden fees lurking.


If you rent just the SIM Card

Every SIM Cards rental comes with a pre-activated local SIM card for the country you are traveling to. You will be assigned a local number, which will be shared with you prior to your departure.

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SIM Card + Cell Phone Rental

As part of your rental package you will get the rental of a special internationally compatible cell phone and a SIM card specific to your destination country. Rental pack also ....

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Buying a Cell Phone

If you buy a cell phone along with any of our country specific SIM cards, you will get an un-locked quad-band cell phone, which you can use again next time you travel and save even more by...

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